ETS2 - Environment & Energy - Group B

This course aims to show how every decision architects make has an immediate and quantifiable impact in terms of the environment of the buildings we inhabit. The course is structured as part-lecture, part-workshop to equip students with the analogue and digital analytical techniques to inform fundamental design decisions. The submission for the course is a detailed study of environment/energy in each student's home, demonstrating the application of the analytical methodologies.

Lecture 1- Architecture as an Interface - GROUP B

Exploring the building as ‘interface’ between inside and outside, we look at how vernacular design has provided passive control of luminous and thermal environment without energy input (or architec

Lecture 2 - Under the Sun - GROUP B

In this second lecture we explore the sun as a heat source and we discuss how this energy source can be used in architecture. 

Exercises 02a and 02b - Solar Energy

Exercise 02A

This exercise uses the Rhino Plug in DIVA.  A couple of things you need to do in order to run this software.

ETS2 - Sample report for analysis of your house

As a reference, here is one of the better reports from last year. Can you do better than this?

Lecture 3 - Light and Air - GROUP B

In this lecture we explore what light is, its various forms as well as how to design for daylight.

Exercise 3B - Potential for natural ventilation

Exercise 3BI want to you look at the proportion of your home in terms of two aspects of natural ventilation. 

Exercise 3A - Daylighting

Exercise 3ASimulate the daylighting levels in your home, under overcast sky conditions

ETS2 - Environment & Energy - Exercise 4 - How good is my home at Losing heat?

EXERCISE 4A : How good is my home at loosing heat?
As discussed in the lecture, there are two factors which you need to take into account :

Lecture 4 - Fat architecture - Group B

In this lecture - we look at heat loss as a driver of low energy buildings, and how it informs architectural deisgn in terms of material and geometry.

Lecture 5 - What should green mean

Sustainability as an idea often differs from sustainability as a practice. In this lecture, we ask what should 'green' mean? Should it mean how are buildings are designed in terms of proportion?

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