TS4 - Responsive + Responsible Materials

All materials specified by architects embody a complex system of resource extraction, transport, assembly, in-use operation, disassembly and disposal. This journey over the life cycle of a material from cradle to grave can come at a significant cost in terms of resources and energy. This course looks ‘under the skin’ of materials, to see how architects can evaluate ‘responsible’ materials and what these mean in terms of ‘responsive’ building design. Throughout the course, students will evaluate traditional and contemporary materials and develop critical tools for informing design decisions in their studio projects.

TS4 - Responsible & Responsive Materials - Lecture 01 - WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE

This lecture looks the background to embodied energy in materials and what we mean when we talk about building lifecycles in architecture. 

Reading List 

TS4 - Responsive & Responsible Materials - Lecture 02 - Circular Economies

This lecture looks at circular economies, a way of designing products and architecture which challenges the linear economies of production, consumption and disposal.

TS4 - Responsible & Responsive Materials - Lecture 04 - Responsive Materials

This lecture looks at material innovations in the last twenty years which are addressing some of the concerns of this course in terms of material efficiency, embodied carbon and environmental impac

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