TS4 - Light and Lighting

The course explores the symbiotic relationship between architecture and light with the aim of helping students to develop a sensitivity to the qualities of light while also using physical and computational tools to explore and validate their design ideas. Lectures will alternate theoretical discussions on the science and design of light with experiments and individual or team exercises.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 01 - Light Physics

The first Light and Lighting lecture focuses on the nature of light, its physical properties and interaction with materials.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 02 - Light Biology

The second lecture has investigated the relationship between light and life, with a discussion on the non-visual effects of light on the human body.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 04 - Light Natural

The fourth lesson has presented the natural light phenomenon and discussed how luminous patterns have shaped our cultures, cities and architecture.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 05 - Light Electric

The fifth lesson presents the evolution of man-made light sources and introduces the discipline of lighting design.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 06 - Light Virtual

The sixth lesson gives an overview of the main lighting simulation algorithms and presents a range of lighting simulation software, with tutorials on Dialux and Daylight Visualizer.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 03 - Light Architecture

The slides of the 3rd lesson present the development of building typologies through time, where light and daylight have played a significant role in shaping the architecture of the space.

TS4 - Light and Lighting - 07 - Light Connected

The final lesson introduces the topic of control of light, presenting system schematics, user interface approaches, media architecture and information about the future of wireless lighting controls

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