TS2 - Environment & Energy - Group B

This course aims to show how every decision architects make has an immediate and quantifiable impact in terms of the environment of the buildings we inhabit. The course is structured as part-lecture, part-workshop to equip students with the analogue and digital analytical techniques to inform fundamental design decisions. The submission for the course is a detailed study of environment/energy in each student's home, demonstrating the application of the analytical methodologies.

TS2 - Environment & Energy - Exercise 01

Exercise 1ADescribe your home in London in terms of geometry and exposure to annual solar radiation.

TS2 - Environment & Energy - Group B - Exercise 01








Your home in London - Geometry and Exposure to annual solar radiation

in summary:

TS2 - Environment & Energy B - Lecture 2 - Under the Sun

In the second lecture of the TS2 Energy & Environment course, we discuss the energy transmitted from the sun to the earth's crust and how this may affect the design of facades or indeed alter t

TS2 - Environment & Energy - Group B - Lecture 4 - Fat Architecture

In our fourth lecture we explore air movement and the ability of our designs to lose heat, as environmental design strategies.

TS2 - Environment & Energy - Lecture 5 - Acoustics

Lecture 5, given by Acoustic Specialist Evan Green looks at the role of architecture in the sonic environment

TS2 - Environment & Energy - Lecture no. 5 - What should Green mean?

Sustainability as an idea often differs from sustainability as a practice. In this lecture, we ask what should 'green' mean?

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