TS1 - Introduction to Integrated Design

This course introduces students to the three core TS branches (structures, environment and materials) and shows they are not separate realities but different lenses for looking at the built environment. By activating a series of structural, environmental and material manipulations of architectural models, students will analyse and evaluate outcomes in relation to other technical aspects. As a result of this iterative modelling, students will gain an understanding of the basic principles associated with structures, environment, materials and their relations while exploring how TS can inform the design process and how a model can form a testing ground. The course is supplemented by a series of lectures.

TS1 - Introduction to Integrated Design - Structural corruption 01 - TWISTER

  1. Create a new 300mm x 300mm x 300mm cube which caN twist elastically without breaking:
  2. Use the same material in the original cube.

TS1 - Introduction to Integrated Design - Environmental Corruption no. 1 - QUIETER


Build a new cube to make your sound source (phone / speaker) quieter at the three given frequencies, and a piece of music of your choice

TS1 Integrated Design - Lighter

Corruption 01 - Materials- Lighter.

Presentation of cubes on 18 October 2018 at 14h

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