ETS4 - Between Digital and Physical - Realising Design

As computation and technology becomes easier to access, using these tools and developing bespoke computational solutions for design and make is becoming widely used in practice however their uses vary extensively from being pure documentation or coordination tools to design and fabrication tools.

Similarly, making processes and tools are still largely used in practice solely to produce presentation models instead of prototyping design solutions or for fabrication and craftsmanship is still being left to the builders instead of being used as knowledge in the design process.

As we now operate in a digital crafting enabled world we must understand how these fields of computation and making come together bringing the parameters of design, materials, engineering, fabrication and construction - real world constraints - to an integrated design process.e course will use built cases to explore how technology, craftsmanship and ingenuity can come together to enable innovation and help us find ways to work within real world constraints while pushing the boundaries of design.


The students will gain knowledge on integrated processes and will be challenged with re-thinking the use of an ordinary material, object or process and to reprogram it to become a novel artifact revisiting the idea of the master builder as the master hacker.

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