ETS4 - Acoustic Design

Sound is part of the environment around us. We perceive our environment via all five senses, the acoustics of a space therefore provides us with a lot of information that contributes to our holistic experience and perception of our environment and the architectural space we find ourselves in. Through the acoustics, people engage with the architecture and with each other: acoustics is therefore key to creating engaging and emotionally engaging interactions.This course explores the creative possibilities of acoustical design and analysis to enhance the holistic experience of architectural space. Acoustic design enables the architect to investigate new possibilities, sustainable construction techniques and materials in order to create the desired environment. The key to acoustical design is developing an understanding of how acoustics can be used to support and improve particular uses, and how acoustics helps to create the overall character of the space. With this understanding, the architect can use technical acoustical analysis to develop solutions and integrate technical decisions into the concept design from an early design stage.The course will start by exploring what acoustics is and which fields it comprises, agents involved in the process, basic concepts in relation to digital fabrication. The course also includes two workshops with both architects and acousticians, where both parties can raise awareness of their respective fields, to aid collaboration and merge their disciplines. During lecture sessions theoretical presentations will be followed by discussions, practical tests and workshops.


ETS4 2020- Session1: Acoustic Design Essentials

Session 1: Thursday 9th January 2020
3.30 – 4:15Lecture 1: Acoustic Design Essentials.

ETS4 2020- Session2: Sound Vs Noise

Session 2: Thursday 16th January 2020
3.30 – 4:15Lecture 2: Sound vs. Noise

ETS4 2020- Session3: Sound Materials

Session 3: Thursday 23th January 2020
3.30 – 4:15Lecture 3: Sound materials

ETS4 2020- Session 4: The design process

Session 4: Thursday 30th January 2020
3.30 – 4:00Lecture 4: THE DESIGN PROCESS
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