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ETS1 - Introduction to Integrated Design

This course introduces students to the three core TS branches (structures, environment and materials) and shows they are not separate realities but different lenses for looking at the built environ

ETS2 - Environment & Energy - Group B

This course aims to show how every decision architects make has an immediate and quantifiable impact in terms of the environment of the buildings we inhabit.

ETS2 - Environment + Energy - Group A

This course aims to show how every decision architects make has an immediate and quantifiable impact in terms of the environment of the buildings we inhabit.

ETS3 - Masterclass in Structural Behaviour

This series of masterclasses builds upon the understanding of structural, environmental and material behaviour.

TS1 - First Applications

This course offers a hands-on and experimental approach for a greater integration of Technical Studies with the First Year design portfolio.

TS2 - Material and Technologies

This course will conduct an investigation of a range of materials used in contemporary structures including concrete, timber, brick and blocks, glass, fabrics and composites.

TS2 - Structures - Typologies & Design

This course forms the basis for understanding how the behaviour of a structural affects architectural design.

TS3 - Design Thesis

Third Year students undertake a comprehensive design study, exploring and resolving the central technical issues of their projects alongside individual unit agendas.

TS4 - (Un)usual Performances

This course challenges students to develop new approaches to materials in design where inventiveness is as important as fabrication, technology and material properties.

TS4 - Acoustic Design

Sound is part of the environment around us, which we perceive via all five senses.

TS4 - Between Digital and Physical - Realising Design

This course will explore the relationship of computation and making in practice and will use built cases to highlight how technology, craftsmanship and ingenuity can come together to enable innovat

TS4 - Integrated Structural design

Why do some buildings give you everything you want but seem so effortless?  The course looks at a technical approach of integrated problem solving.

TS4 - Piece by Piece

Built architecture is an organization of component elements: pieces.

TS4 - Process in the Making

This course aims to highlight and explain the complex forces underlying the transformation of architectural designs into built form joining the processes that link the design of architecture with t

TS4 - Responsive + Responsible Materials

All materials specified by architects embody a complex system of resource extraction, transport, assembly, in-use operation, disassembly and disposal.

TS4 - Studies in Advanced Structural Design

Structures are complex systems providing strength, stiffness and stability to buildings.

TS4 - Sustainable Urban Design

There is a continuing fascination with the tall and super-tall building that define the evolving skylines of the world’s major cities.

TS5 - Design Thesis

The Technical Design Thesis is a substantial individual work developed under the guidance of Javier Castañón and the Diploma TS staff.